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Where It All Began

Nadia Decius was born and raised in Miami, Fl and quickly ventured off to Tallahassee, Fl in her adult years. This stage in her life would determine her worth and strength as an individual. Through her studies in English and working for the state she maintained a sufficient lifestyle for herself and son.

 Always being open to different cultural backgrounds is what contributed to her creativity. Nothing seemed impossible nor farfetched. It would be her very first time trying a strawberry cheesecake from a roommate that proved that. Little did she know this would take on a world of its own. She quickly tweaked the recipe to her own liking and had it at every gathering and social you could think of. 

 After a recommendation from a friend that the world needed to taste the cheesecakes, she took on the challenge traveling to every major and little city in Florida selling her delightful treats.  

After a continuous amount of great reviews and tremendous support she decided to make her love for baking full time in hopes that all of America will eventually get to taste the great savory homemade cheesecakes with endless flavors. The beginning was the possibility of shipment everywhere and an updated bio with the company’s success!


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